Our Story

NEVO was born in 2018, way before the COVID-19 crisis, out of a simple question :

"Why do we protect our head and not our lungs ?"

Each year more people die from breathing unsafe air than having a road accident.
Sadly 5 times more, according to the World Health Organisation.*

So we decided to create lung protection that would feel as normal to wear as head protection. Protective, comfortable and beautifully adapted to urban life.

In 2018 we teamed up with the best in the scientific and design world in Switzerland. Helvitek Labs, the company behind the NEVO brand was established in the EPFL innovation park in Lausanne.

We were fortunate to have access to state-of-the-art R&D labs, material engineers and designers and took a pioneering approach to making the ultimate urban air protective gear. Morphology studies using A.I and dozens of prototypes were created to get the perfect fit.

Today our Urban Air Masks are made in Switzerland, proven to perform against airborne invisible dangers. They are designed to help you stay safe when conditions require it whether you are an urban biker commuting to work, or whether you live or are travelling in areas of the world where the air you breathe can affect your health.

At the start of our journey in 2018, the danger from Particulate Matter (PM) came from urban pollution.

Then came wildfires in California and Australia.

Then came COVID19.

What tomorrow will bring we don’t know but we will be ready with the right gear.