Artist edition - Lorenzo Petrantoni

SFr. 155

The NEVO Urban Air Mask is made of a bio-based polyamide shell covered with an anti-bacterial & anti-viral textile and a hydrophobic enhanced medical grade elastomer seal that encapsulate a certified filter. An adjustable, behind the neck semi-elastic strap fitted with a "One-Click™" magnetic buckle makes it easy and comfortable to wear with helmets or glasses. The Mask is one-size-fits-all, engineered, designed and made in Switzerland.

The textile cover is an anti-microbial and antiviral shield that guarantees no cross contamination if touched. It covers the shell.

The shell is made of a bio-based polyamide, actually it is made of castor seeds and is 100% recyclable following the latest sustainability standards; It holds together the filter and the seal.

The filters are certified, designed and engineered in Switzerland.

The seal is soft touch and hydrophobic to provide a comfortable and fresh sensation to the face. It is made of a medical elastomer and clipped to the bracket to hold the filter together thanks to a "Snap-On™" system that allows you to easily swap filters. 

The strap is adjustable and attached to the shell. It holds together the filter and the seal and guarantees a perfect seal and comfort.

It is attached behind your neck with a "One-Click™" magnetic buckle thus leaves your ears and head free.

Nose Bridge:

Currently only adult (16+) high bridge nose masks are available. Low bridge nose masks will be available soon.

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